Fall Winter 2015 Collection


Spring Summer 2016 Collection


About Us

Julian Keen is focused on the urban-sewing concept, the idea is to revive sewing in everyday life.
The brand is the result of a melodic symbiosis between Italian fashion traditions and international influences. It is a unique artistic alchemy and culturally bold born in Italy in 2014 and is currently expanding abroad. The knowledgeable hands of Julian Keen’s craftsmen work on each stage of the process making the item of clothing, unique and recognizable in Italy and all over the world.
These values find expression in the attention to details and in the elegance of the garments.
The collection with JK live in a new dimension: the personal approach originates from a contemporary study inspired by street culture gestures and habits, and is reinterpreted with hand-made couture and unique details.
Julian Keen’s a woman with a strong personality and is self assured. She’s not afraid to stand out, she doesn’t want to blend in, she has a wealth of culture under her belt and is well-travelled. She wants to stand out and enjoys being under the spotlight. She’s feminine and sometimes she’s not afraid to experiment with gender and explore new ideas.
The brand mixes styles to create a modern look inspired by street style and by experimentation.
Each item of clothing is one of a kind. New techniques, traditional methods and insiders’ skills merge to form timeless collections.
Julian Keen ensures that every woman can experience sewing everyday and not only just breathe its essence.

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Phone: (+39) 0276281487

Email: milano@juliankeen.it

Showroom: via Privata Rezia 8 (Trav. via Friuli), Milano